Birthday presents can always be a tricky and challenging affair, but flowers are a classic type of way of showing someone how much they actually mean to you. You can always be sure that you give something to someone on their birthday that is extraordinary and exciting. You can look for different types of flower bouquets at Castle Hill florist and ensure that you give a perfect bouquet.

Pay attention to Style

The choice of flower is going to depend on the style as well as taste of the person receiving the bouquet. An elegant type of white arrangement, a fun and floral squelch of colour, or even an earnest dozen of red roses; whatever the event, you can get the perfect thing for you. In case you are not really confident what tone you may like to set, going for neutral sort of shades are perfect; yellows, oranges, greens and whites always go down a great treat!

Think about the Birth Month

An easy and effective way to choose birthday flowers is to simply go by their birth month flowers. Of course, have a quick look at the month of the flowers that are mostly associated with the specific months.

January is about Carnation, February is Iris, March could be Daffodil, April maybe e Sweet Pea, May is Lily, June can be Rose, July is Larkspur, August is Gladiolus, September can be Aster, October may b marigold, November is Chrysanthemum and December is Poinsettia. Indeed, you can make variations as per your preference. But it is a general thing that often happens in terms of flowers and months. Of course, you may get the right tone when you glue to this list!

Be thoughtful about the Message

This may go overlooked by folks, as there is a propensity to forget that there will always be a card attached. The point is simple, when you are giving gorgeous looking flowers, why not bring some extra oomph and charm to it? A personalised message will be a great addition to the flower bouquet. Even a single line will do!

Once you are in doubt, seasonal flowers could be a good option as this is when the species is going to be at their strongest. Like fruit and vegetables, flowers are even perfect in their natural season. In case a person is going to plant their gift afterward, you can make sure to choose a potted sort of option. Another thing to remember is where in their life the flowers will get place. In case they own a small office, or a big dining table, you would like to make sure they get fit in the envisioned location. Even more, make sure to check twice that the person receiving your gorgeous gift doesn’t have any sort of allergies to scented flowers!


To sum up, when you have a good florist to help you with your flower choices, you can be sure you give a perfect birthday bouquet. Keeping all the discussed things will help you make a wonderful decision.