As you well know, Halloween is characterised by costumes and treats. And the legend explains that these are the three reasons sweets were so characteristic at this time: it is speculated that candy manufacturers wanted to increase their sales and took advantage of that day to achieve it. The anthropological origin says that we instinctively consume more sugar during the fall. The Celtic belief commented that the dead threatened the living if they were not given what they asked for. Curious, right? Well, whatever the reason, at RecetasGratis, we like Halloween and the sweets and desserts related to this very creative date because it is a day inspired by children and adults who, in their hearts, still harbour childhood.

Pumpkin cookies

Have you ever wondered why the pumpkin is the symbol of Halloween? The pumpkin itself is related to the legend of Jack O’Lantern, while its use as a lantern comes from the ancient Celtic tradition called Samhain. Legend has it that the light radiated by the lantern served to guide lost spirits, but originally pumpkins were not used to fulfil that purpose, but turnips.

Now it’s up to you to revive this fun tradition by following the easy step-by-step of our decorated cookies for Halloween. Trust us; you will have loads of fun because it’s all about cutting and assembling these Halloween Pumpkin Cookies. And if you buy everything done as we suggest (the coloured fondant and the cookies), you will save time and work, although you can also prepare your cookies. Cheer up; they are super easy!

Witch Fingers

Surely these Halloween cookies for children will give more than one diner the shivers, but once they taste their flavour and feel their texture on the palate, they will not stop eating them. So, gather the ingredients below to make this Halloween Witch Fingers recipe and follow our step-by-step guide to bringing spooky Halloween Witch Fingers to life. They will cast a spell on you!

Chocolate witch hats

On Halloween night, there is nothing more appropriate than some edible witch hats. And better yet, when it comes to our decorated Halloween cookies, they don’t need any effort because you just have to assemble them with the following magic ingredients:

  • Dark chocolate-covered cookies.
  • Chocolate kisses (dark).
  • Chocolate coating (serve coloured chocolate or white to dye it with vegetable paint).

Kids will love making them!

And if you also wonder how they are prepared, follow the step-by-step recipe for our chocolate witch hats. Quite a culinary coven!

Tip: You can substitute fondant for the chocolate if you feel like it

Halloween Cookies – Chocolate Witch Hats

Frankenstein lollipops

We will share a secret formula created to turn Oreo cookies into monster Frankenstein lollipops. Rush to your culinary lab and set everything up to assemble these coloured white chocolate-covered and dark chocolate-decorated Halloween cookies. Fear not; just follow our easy Frankenstein lollipop step by step. They will be magically ready!

Bat cookies

We are passionate about these Halloween cookies for children, not only because they have a delicious taste (vanilla with chocolate drops), a great presentation (bat shape), and very simple preparation, but we also like them because of their size. Sweet snacks are perfect for Halloween! So don’t wait any longer; get all the ingredients ready and follow the bat cookies for Halloween step-by-step. Try them glazed!

Now, it occurs to us that you can also make skeleton-shaped Halloween cookies from our easy and quick chocolate cookies, explained step by step in the video. Wondering how to make Halloween cookie cutters? Well, to make the moulds, you just need to replace the cookie cutter they ask you for with a doll (if you don’t make the cardboard silhouette and download the model from the Internet), download a photo of a skeleton to inspire you when you paint the cookies and prepare the white cookie icing or royal icing to decorate Halloween cookies with a piping bag (white or coloured chocolate works too).

Tip: Bat cookies also work well for a Batman-themed party.

Mummy lollipops

The mummy lollipops are wrapped in sweet white chocolate bandages and barely reveal their googly dark chocolate eyes. In addition, these mummy lollipops hide a great secret: inside, they have an Oreo cookie base. And what are you waiting for to taste them? You will only need to take note of the ingredients and put together these decorated Halloween cookies. So follow the easy mummy lollipop step by step. An out-of-this-world treat!

Ghost-shaped cookies

The first non-living guests have arrived to celebrate the scariest night of the year. The ghosts have arrived in the form of Halloween cookies decorated with two types of chocolate to conquer children’s palates and seasoned with wine to cheer up adults. Don’t worry; if you divide the dough in half or prepare twice as much, you only have to add wine in one. Follow the easy step-by-step of ghost cookies for Halloween. They will vanish before your eyes!

Lollipops with Oreo cookies

Halloween is the scariest night of the year, and desserts and sweets occupy a stellar place as children inspire this celebration. However, many adults enjoy it with equal enthusiasm. For this reason, we bring you more varieties of Halloween cookies decorated in the shape of lollipops.

This time we have created several crazy little monsters for you to enjoy bringing these treats to life. To accomplish this mission easily, follow the oreo cookie lollipops step by step. Pure spooky fun!

Tip: The eyes are made from caramel but can also be made from fondant.

Spider cookies

If quick and easy Halloween cookies are your thing, you just found the recipe you were looking for. Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions to prepare these spider cookies for Halloween, decorated with melted chocolate. And if you want them to look creepier, keep reading and write down our idea for you to make some 3D spiders made with chocolates :

Prepare the dough discs a little thicker than in the previous recipe and sink the centre a little with the handle of a mortar (enough space for round chocolate).

Just halfway through the cooking time, remove the pan from the oven and touch up the hole by gently squeezing it (use the same utensil), then bake again for the remaining time.

Once the cookies are ready, wait a bit before placing them on a rack. Then, when they are already on the rack, let them cool for a while to place the chocolates.

Finally, refrigerate the cookies to cool the chocolate, remove them to add the eyes made of caramel or fondant and the legs created with a piping bag filled with chocolate.

Gluten-free butter cookies

Before finishing this list, you cannot miss the gluten-free Halloween cookies so that you can decorate them as you like, and in addition, we have already given you a lot of ideas about it, so you can easily apply them to this recipe. For this spooky dessert, just follow the step-by-step Gluten-Free Butter Cookies. Scarily tasty!

What do you think of these Halloween cookie recipes? Leave us your opinion in the comments.

Tip: Shortbread cookies work on any holiday; you just need season-appropriate cookie cutters.