A birthday is a very special day in anyone’s life. It marks another year well spent on this planet. When your best guy friend turns 18, you must gift him something that he will remember for the rest of his life. Most boys don’t know how to select a nice gift for their friends. This is why we have shared some insights to help you with gift buying. Try these gift ideas and see whether they help you choose the right gift.

Collection of Happy School days’ Pictures

Each time your friend looks at this unique gift, he is bound to remember the happy times he has spent at school. When you run out of ideas for gifts for boys, gift them a customised photo collage. Take time to select the happy pictures of your time spent with your friend. Create a nice collage. Visit Presto Gifts to explore the different designs in collages.

Picture Clock with Happy Memories

Most boys are very happy to feel like a grown up. Make your friend feel responsible as he turns 18. Gift him a nice picture clock customised to include pictures of your friend and you. Keeping track of time and being punctual are habits of a grown up. Let your friend inculcate these habits as you gift him a picture clock.

Customised Mugs with Special Messages

A dear friend should know how much you care for him. Customised mugs and coffee cups are excellent for this reason. You can customise these mugs to include pictures as well as special messages. You can make the mug even more special by adding a surprise element. Choose a magic mug for your friend on his 18th birthday. The friend will see your special message or picture only when hot liquid is poured into the coffee mug.

QR Code Keychains

Another innovative gift is a QR code keychain. The friend will scan the code to find the unique message that has been concealed. It will be exciting as well as memorable for your friend. This is also not very expensive.

Designer Mobile Covers

If you have a friend with a good aesthetic sense, gift him a designer mobile cover. Many attractive designs for mobile covers are available online. Look for a design that will instantly draw the attention of your friend. If your friend is a fan of any superhero, choose a superhero themed cover for your friend.

Customised T-shirts

Young boys enjoy wearing customised T-shirts with pictures of friends. So, why not gift your friend a unique customised T-shirt on his birthday. Surf through your school albums to see which picture is best suited to customise the T-shirt.

Make sure your friend’s 18th birthday is remarkable. Order online for a range of attractive personalised gifts only on Presto Gifts.