Your living room is the primary area in the home. It is the central space that allows everyone in the family to interact and socialize. Irrespective of the living room’s theme, you want to give it a unique decorative touch.

One of the décors that people prefer these days is ethnic décor. If you want to add an ethnic vibe to your living space, this blog is just meant for you. It contains painting recommendations that add a traditional look and feel to the space. These paintings are quick décor elements for any theme living room!

1. Pichwai Art

Pichwaipainting is a historic painting style that was discovered in Rajasthan over 400 years ago. These paintings will assist you to create an ethnic look and peaceful ambiance in the living room because it showcases Srinathji. These spiritual paintings were preferred as backdrops in the temples in the ancient times. They are so beautiful, divine, peaceful, and artistic that people love to adorn their homes even today.

2. Classical Indian Art

Classical Indian Art or Miniature art is another style of painting that can give an ethnic makeover to your living room. You will be impressed with this unique artwork because it’s created on very small canvas. There are four styles of classical Indian art to choose from: Mughal, Rajasthani, Kangra, and Deccani art.

Speaking about the artistic qualities of these paintings, they depict the lifestyle of ancient people, including how they lived, used to entertain them, etc. At present, the artists have given miniature paintings a fresh touch by painting the pictures of nature, birds, and animals on the canvases.

Each painting looks vibrant and rich in its own way. It will instantly give an ethnic vibe and suits your living room whatsoever. They are easily available online.

3. Madhubani Art

Madhubani art is a perfect painting to give your living space an ethnic vibe. It is also called Mithila painting because it came from the town of Mithila in Bihar. The local artists were commanded by King Janak, father of Sita at the time of his daughter’s wedding to adorn the whole territory with Madhubani art pieces.

The paintings show religious ceremonies and mythological events. The artists usually do these paintings with fingers, nib pens, natural pigments, brushes. Each feature of these art pieces is eye-catchy and traditional-looking.

4. Buddha Art

Another style of ethnic painting is Buddha artwork. It depicts spiritual picture of Lord Buddha that not just appears traditional but peaceful too. It looks classic in your living room. Lord Buddha will bless your home with good luck and positivity. Everyone would feel extreme tranquility inside the home and wish to stay in your living room all day long.

These paintings are so appropriate to give an ethnic interior look that the citizens of Thailand, China, and Hong Kong love to adorn their homes with these unique art pieces.

5. Radha Krishna Art

Radha Krishna paintings will look special in your living room. These paintings show the strong bond and love between Lord Krishna and Radhaji. It is a perfect way to make your living space look ethnic and spiritual. The viewers will instantly get mesmerized with the beautiful and heavenly appearance of these art pieces.

Whether your living room has a formal, minimal, or casual design, Radha Krishna painting will add ethnic vibe in seconds. You can buy these paintings in multiple designs such as a paintings in which Radha and Krishna are dancing, sitting on a swing, etc. All designs look godly and super traditional.


These paintings bring a traditional and ethnic feel to your living room with beautiful designs and rich color combination. They will offer your living space with an ideal final touch and uplift its beauty undoubtedly.

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