You probably already know that you may choose from a wide range of natural stone selections. At Cata Stone Care, you may choose various kinds of limestone, marble, and recycled terracotta, each with unique coloration and design. Though that’s already an impressive customization option, genuine stone has far more to offer! You may choose from a wide variety of natural stone refinishing in addition to the stone’s kind, color, and pattern.


Different Surface Treatments for Stone


Natural stone may be given an infinite variety of finishes, the most popular being polished, honed, and leathered. Mechanical finishes include polishing and honing, whereas impact finishes include leathering. Remember that the following are only some of the most common types; this is by no means an exhaustive list! Sawn, riven, brushed, heated, tumbled, sandblasted, antique, acid wash, meshed, Rigato, Letano, and many more are natural stone finishes. Contacting the professionals at Cata Stone Care can help you choose which finishes are ideal for your house and your particular piece of natural stone.


Polished Surface


Many people favor highly polished stone, particularly marble. To bring forth the stone’s proper hues, polish it. A stone that has been polished to a high shine is not only colorful but also dazzling and often displays the stone’s personality. Those who value highlighting the individual qualities of their natural stone will like the polished finish. A polished surface may be added to almost any stone regardless of the original finish during a refinishing process.


Finely Polished


The honing results are both homogeneous and earthy and may be found in matte and satin finishes. In most cases, it dulls the shine and evens the coloration and patterning. Discernible motion and prominent veining will be there, but with a more understated appearance.


Styled in Leather


Among all available coatings, leather is the closest to its original state. Simulating a river’s wear and tear makes this finish less reflective and more tactile than the original stone. Although a leathered finish is often seen on natural stone floors, it is not limited to that material.


Precisely what is the definition of restoring natural stone?


If your tastes or requirements have changed, you don’t have to replace all your stones to give your property a new appearance. Stones found naturally are adaptable and can be refinished to give them a new look.


Natural stone undergoes a procedure called refinishing to alter its surface finish. Stone may have its finish altered by sanding it down and applying a new sealer. You may use a color-enhancer finish on your natural stone for an even more striking result. Depending on how often homeowners redecorate and the style of their existing furniture, natural stone finishes may last anywhere from five to ten years.


Get Your Ideal Stone at Cata Stone Care


The key to discovering your next ideal stone finish is starting with the upright stone. Here at Cata Stone Care, you’ll find an extraordinary variety of high-quality limestone, marble, and terracotta. Every day, we assist people in making their houses into homes by using the abilities of our skilled artisans, who can create any bespoke feature they wish. Your home’s stone journey may be as unique and varied as you want because of the many options available in terms of features, kinds, colors, patterns, and finishes. Reach out to us now and find out how we can assist you in selecting the ideal stone and polish for your project.