The general confidence of a team reflects the people who come together to form that team as a whole. Furthermore, if one player lacks self-confidence, the whole squad suffers as a result. To increase the self-confidence of a timid or fragile athlete who has shut down after making a mistake, the coach must first identify the problem.

Despite the many solutions that have been proposed, it seems that the same challenges continue to be encountered by both rookie and experienced coaches when dealing with the thorn in the flesh of self-confidence. The following are some recommendations and approaches that may be useful in increasing player confidence and raising the overall mood of your squad.

1. Work ethic

If you haven’t worked on your basketball game or talents, you can’t be sure of your abilities. Working hard and pushing yourself can help you build self-confidence. It demonstrates that you are competent and have done this previously.

Because they’ve done it so many times before and put in so many practice sessions, the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have a great deal of confidence in their abilities.

Not only practice but basketball matches and scrimmages using a shooting machine are also included here. Fundamentally, you will get better at everything you put your mind to with time and effort. And being stronger at a talent will only boost your self-esteem and self-assurance when you use that skill in the future.

Practicing at the basketball game speed and practicing at the same rate as you play is a terrific approach to boost your confidence in your work ethic.

2.Playing against the proper competition

Just because you defeat someone new to basketball doesn’t mean you’ll build confidence in your own ability to do better.

Being confident is about believing in yourself and showcasing your ability when you take the stage. That’s why it’s critical to play against the correct kind of opposition. Therefore, I usually suggest playing against someone who is on par with your skill level, if not slightly better.

As a result, you’ll get more self-assurance as a player since you’ll have the finest opportunity to enhance your athletic abilities and participate in more intensely competitive exercises and basketball games. You will be able to get the most out of yourself if you have excellent competition that is yet within your grasp.

Remember that there is a delicate balance here; if you are much better than your training partner or competitor, you will not progress; on the other hand, if you are significantly poorer, it will seem disheartening and not very effective.

Suppose you don’t have the opportunity to compete against others of a similar skill level. In that case, you might make your workouts and basketball matches more challenging. You may focus on your dribbling, shooting, and other talents that don’t depend on your height if you’re much taller than your opponent.

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3. Basing your basketball game on you instead of others

It’s important to remember that you can only be the greatest possible version of yourself at any given time. Because it’s easy to get discouraged as a player and lose faith in one’s own abilities if you’re constantly comparing yourself to others around you. This is something we emphasize a lot.

It’s possible that some of the other players on the team had greater experience or were born with a talent for the sport. However, by solely evaluating yourself against yourself, you can see that you are improving as a player, which gives you more self-confidence.

The only person who can give you true confidence and self-esteem is you, therefore strive to be the greatest player you can be. For that, you must rely on yourself.

4. Tracking Your Progress

We’ve already established that comparing yourself to others is a bad idea. There is absolutely no finer feeling in the world than seeing oneself improve and get excellent at something. Confidence will rise due to progress in a particular area since it indicates that your efforts are paying dividends.

Many players, on the other hand, get so engrossed in their own ideas and opinions that they fail to see how much better they have become at basketball. Keeping track of how you’ve improved over the previous year or months is critical to your development as a player, which is why we recommend it.

There are several methods to keep tabs on your progress as a player. Still, one of our favorite is to keep track of your shooting percentages throughout a particular practice. You may watch your free throw percentage and see if you can increase it to 50 or 60 percent, for example, if you are just starting out and your percentage is 40 percent. As a result, your self-confidence will grow since you know that you can improve as a player.

Do whatever it takes to recall how much better you are today than you were in the past while keeping track of your development.

5. Understanding Your Fear

As a basketball player, you must realize that a lack of self-confidence is more than simply a lack of belief; it is rooted in concern about what can go wrong or the fear of being rejected.

Seeing all of this, you could think, “I’m not frightened, or I don’t give a fuck what other people think,” or “I don’t care what other people think.” Even though this fear may not be significant to you consciously, it might be playing a part in your basketball game, either subtly or unconsciously. Otherwise, you would not be experiencing these mental issues concerning your confidence.

We always encourage basketballers to be honest about these ideas or anxieties, and it’s not abnormal or unusual to have some of them. The issue will only worsen if you ignore it and deny its existence.

That’s why, whenever you find yourself in a precarious position, you should act as though you’re your own best buddy. Remind yourself that you’ve already put in the effort and are a good player on the field. This may help you perform better and overcome any worries or concerns you may be experiencing.

When contemplating the nature of fear, it’s essential to keep in mind that it’s an expectation of what could happen in the future based on prior experiences. We bring it up when attempting to understand your fear to help you work on letting go of the things that give you anxiety. You can see how a terrible play or a string of bad strokes can have a devastating effect on a player’s confidence.

You may make reasonable choices instead of scared ones by letting things go. As a result, your self-esteem will soar, and you’ll become an all-around better player.


A player’s importance doesn’t only come from physical feats: it comes from a sustained sense of self-worth. Teaching a player, the importance of team unity, self-improvement, and future potential allows him or her to draw confidence not only from the basketball game but from within. Also, you can invest in a shooting machine. The first step is to compare the Dr Dish shooting machine price to that of Shootaway ad choose the best.