Energy is essentially an inevitable cost of doing business. The energy consumption of a company can range from its lights and air conditioning to powering production lines and running business critical machinery. However, as the cost of eco-friendly energy installations has dropped dramatically over the years, many businesses like Hillandale Farms are now shifting to more energy efficient operations. Today it has become pretty simple for businesses of varying types and sizes to transition their energy use to more sustainable options and thus cut down their recurrent expenses for energy.

Hillandale Farms discusses how energy efficiency can be advantageous for a business

First of all, businesses need to understand that energy efficiency can actually save them a good amount of money in the long run. A lot of businesses viewed energy as an uncontrollable expense in the past. But with time, an increasing number of companies are starting to understand that energy usage is pretty manageable. The amount of energy a company consumes can have a direct impact on the financial health of the business. Even though implementation of energy efficiency projects will incur a certain sum of money initially, over the long term that would be useful in reducing energy consumption and bills.

The financial advantages of energy efficiency are just the start. The world is steadily becoming more environmentally conscious. As a result, becoming energy efficient can actually help improve the reputation of a brand, which in turn can accelerate its business performance. However, companies need to be careful to not start green washing as that can negatively impact their businesses reputation. Rather they should proactively plan and implement ways to make their business operations more energy efficient. As per research, having a well-rounded energy efficiency strategy has the potential to improve relationships with not only customers, but also suppliers and other stakeholders.

In the past, the concept of energy efficiency was actually perceived as a threat to comfort. But with time technology has improved, people have become more aware and their perception has also changed. A more energy efficient workplace can actually improve employee comfort levels, thereby elevating their well-being and performance. As per certain research, people working for businesses who take energy efficiency seriously tend to be more productive on average. In addition to keeping the existing employees productive and contented, energy efficiency can also be useful in attracting new talent. A large number of millennials take into account the environmental commitments of a company prior to deciding where to work. Therefore, if a company wants to hire young, talented workers, it should try to maintain a robust and up-to-date energy efficiency strategy.

Energy consumption is among the key sources of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, which is the predominant cause of climate change. Hence, businesses of all types must be more efficient with their energy consumption. Apart from large-scale efforts, like the installation of solar power structures, Hillandale Farms in Connecticut has implemented multiple small yet impactful energy-saving practices. They have switched to motion sensor on/off switches in all offices and buildings, as well as installed high efficiency lighting in all processing, warehouse, and office building.