Spectrum is by far one of the most popular Internet Service Providers in the US. Spectrum Internet has high speeds, low ping, and a ton of additional features that make it convenient and secure for most.

If you’re considering switching to Spectrum but aren’t convinced yet, this article will help – we explain some of our favorite features of Spectrum internet below.

Here are eight reasons to switch to Spectrum internet.

1. Spectrum One Comes With Free Advanced Wi-Fi and Mobile Line

There are three basic Spectrum deals that you can choose from, all of which come with Spectrum One. Spectrum One gives you free Advanced Wi-Fi and Unlimited Mobile Line for 12 months. You also get a free internet modem which you can use to connect multiple computers and Wi-Fi to the internet via Ethernet cables.

2. Free Spectrum Out-Of-Home Wi-Fi

Spectrum out-of-home Wi-Fi is the most convenient and impressive feature of Spectrum deals. Spectrum has Wi-Fi hotspots placed all throughout its service areas. You can connect to these networks for free and enjoy the fast Spectrum internet outside. Even if you have unlimited data, using Wi-Fi will drain your battery slower than LTE or 5G.

3. Fast Download Speeds Up To 1 Gbps

Spectrum has a track record of delivering consistent highspeeds throughout its service areas. The top upload speed you get with a connection still depends on your location, but Spectrum doesn’t have low speeds anywhere in its service areas.

Spectrum deals start at 300 Mbps, which is more than enough for most homes, and go up to 1 Gbps. Visit buytvinternetphone.com to learn more about Spectrum deals available in your area.

4. Low Ping, No.1 Choice for Gamers

If you’re a gamer, the most important spec of an internet connection for you is probably the ping. Sure, you may want high speeds to download heavy games, but it’s the ping that determines how closely in sync you are with the server when playing a multiplayer or online game. The lower the ping, the quicker your frames will update, and the earlier you’ll be able to see enemy movements.

Spectrum has a fiber-rich network that ensures fast data transfer with 99.9% data readability, allowing for exceptionally low ping and lag. Spectrum Internet also has a high bandwidth, so gamers can play online games and stream on Twitch at the same time. For these reasons and more, Spectrum Internet is the #1 choice for gamers.

5. Built-in Top of the Wi-Fi Line Security

Wireless signals travel through space, which means it’s theoretically possible for anyone to read data meant for your devices. Modern wireless devices use cryptographical techniques to keep hackers from breaching the system.

Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi uses additional features to give you an extra layer of protection. Spectrum One also comes with antivirus software that keeps malware and dangerous files from getting into your devices.

6. The My Spectrum App

Setting up a Wi-Fi router is a hassle even for tech-savvy people. You have to enter the router’s IP address from the box, log in with the username and password on the box, and then navigate a poorly made website trying to find the “change password” option from a messy action bar that makes no sense. Spectrum sidesteps this problem with the My Spectrum App.

You can view and control the devices connected to the Wi-Fi from the app directly through your smartphone. You can also block certain websites from being accessed through your Wi-Fi. The app even alters you when a new device connects to your Wi-Fi.

7. Amazing Savings with Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a government initiative that allows low-income households access to the internet at lower rates than what they’d have to pay otherwise. If you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program, you can save up to $30 every month with Spectrum while enjoying all the benefits that come with the service.

8. Free Peacock Premium

Peacock is owned and operated by NBC and is home to some of the most iconic movies and TV shows, such as The Office, Vikings, House, John Wick, and Yellowstone. Spectrum is running a limited-time offer that makes you eligible for Peacock Premium at no extra cost. You can stream all the movies and TV shows available on Peacock or you can stream any of the live channels included with Peacock.

How to Get the Right Spectrum Deal

Wherever you live, chances are that there is more than one Spectrum deal available in your area.  Different Spectrum deals have different upload and download speeds, ranging from 300/10 Mbps to 1000/35 Mbps. You can also bundle Spectrum TV Select and Spectrum Voice to get a discount on all three services.

If you’re unsure how to choose, experts are available to help you. Visit buytvinternetphone.com and talk to a representative who will help you choose from the Spectrum deals available in your area at no extra cost to you.