Searching for high-quality, Old rugs can be a lot easier said than done. This is especially the case when you have a specific room décor that needs to be matched!

As difficult as this type of rug shopping can be, it’s not impossible to find an antique rug of your dreams that matches perfectly with your existing home aesthetics. We’ve teamed up with the industry specialists at Rug Source, Inc. to support us in creating this list of tips oriented around identifying high-quality, old rugs.

So take it from the pros in that these tips will help you find an incredible antique rug for your home!

Determining An Antique Rug’s Origins

Understanding the overall value associated with old rugs often is directly connected to the rug’s origins. Many antique rugs will be Persian or Oriental rugs, but no matter where a rug comes from, it’ll be important to closely examine its decorative motifs, color schemes, fringed edges, symmetry and pile.

Many incredible antique rugs come from Europe, South America, Africa and North America as well, so it’s not just Asia where the best area rugs come from! Just be sure you’re well aware of where a specific rug for sale originates from, and how its unique characteristics coincide with its origin’s styles.

Examining The Old Rug’s Weaving Style

Another huge factor to keep in mind while shopping for antique rugs is identifying the rug’s weaving style. A lot of old rugs are made from natural fibers, and this subsequently leads to all sorts of different construction methods. There are a few popular old rug construction methods you should know about, including:

  • Flat-weaving
  • Hand-knotting
  • Braided rugs
  • Hooked rugs
  • And much more!

Weaving style is crucial for antique rug shopping because there are certain styles that’ll illicit more durability, which is something that all rug shoppers want from these types of home décor investments!

Determining An Old Rug’s Age By Certain Clues

Many old rugs provide a few clues in terms of how old the rug actually is, which is sometimes a contentious topic in this niche of the industry. Consider the following tips when determining an antique rug’s age:

  • Look for dates woven into the actual rug
  • Imperfections with dimensions
  • Fading colors

Choosing High-Quality, Old Rugs Based On Overall Value

It’s sometimes difficult to understand what an antique rug’s overall value truly is, but rug values do vary drastically in this niche of the marketplace. Antique rugs are usually very valuable, and it’s important for rug shoppers to understand why certain older rugs are more valuable than others.

Antique Persian rugs tend to still be the cream of the crop when it comes to overall value, but many antique Oriental rugs are also incredibly value these days. Many rug shoppers simply aren’t professional rug collectors, so it’s important for untrained shoppers to observe certain rug details while verifying value. Some of these details include the following:

  • Design details (more intricate = more valuable)
  • Rug materials (wool & silk are usually the most coveted)
  • Knot count (higher knot counts = higher value)
  • The Rug’s age

Be Sure To Speak With Previous Owners For Additional Information

Another absolutely critical tip when it comes to shopping for old rugs is that you can learn a lot about a specific rug by simply speaking with the previous owner. Although this isn’t always an option, it’s a good idea to keep this in mind just in case it is something you can do.

Even in rug outlets and showrooms, you can ask the sales team about the previous owners and how they previously used it.

Contact The Rug Source Team When You’re On The Hunt For Old Rugs!

There are tons of factors that come into play when a rug shopper is on the hunt for antique or old rugs, and there’s absolutely no denying how this is one of the most prestigious niches in the rug marketplace.

One of the best places to find old rugs online is Rug Source, and you can speak directly with their experienced industry specialists by clicking through the hyperlink at the top of this article!