The CW TV series ‘Stargirl’ was an instant hit when it premiered in 2020. As an extension of the DC universe, ‘Stargirl’ is a wonderful story that weaves action and adventure with heartfelt relationships. The series was picked up for a third season before the second premiered, and while we don’t yet know what ‘Stargirl’ will return to the small screen, we can make a few educated guesses about the upcoming season. Here are some things to look forward to with the Season Three premiere later this year.

An Exciting Storyline

The first two seasons were packed with plenty of action and adventure, so we can expect the upcoming one to be the same. The last season left us with a triumphant team of superheroes after they defeated the evil Eclipso, but although the win may provide the protagonists with a lull in the action, we know it won’t last for long. Because the TV show was created by Geoff Johns, who also wrote the comic books, we can safely guess that there will be no shortage of adventure in the upcoming season.

The Return of Your Favorite Characters

The second season said goodbye to a few fan-favorite characters, including Doctor Mid-Nite, played by Alex Collins. However, most of your favorite characters are slated to reprise their roles in the third season. Expect to see Brec Bassinger as Stargirl, Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan and Amy Smart as Barbara Whitmore. While many of our favorite characters will return, it’s also a safe bet that we will see a few fresh faces throughout the season. 

Heartfelt Stories About Identity

It’s hard to guess what the overarching theme of Season Three will be, but since the first two seasons explored themes about identity and relationships, we can expect the new one to do the same. Season One focused on Courtney Whitmore accepting and embracing her identity as Stargirl while forming strong relationships with the superheroes on her team Season Two followed Courtney’s struggle to juggle her personal life with her role as a superhero. At the same time, she fought to protect the people she loves at all costs.

If you aren’t a fan of ‘Stargirl’ already, now’s the perfect time to catch up. We can expect the third season to premiere sometime in late summer or early fall, so start watching the first two seasons today so that you’re ready whenever the new season drops.