Travellers abroad must keep essential documents, including flight tickets, accommodation proof, visa, and Bajaj Allianz travel insurance, with the passport paramount for identity verification. Insurance providers offer accessible travel insurance, allowing claims for passport-related costs due to loss or theft. Under the Emigration Act of 1983, there are two types of Indian passports, emphasising the importance for all Indian travellers to be aware of these distinctions.

The Passports Issued By ECNR And ECR

This post will explain the meaning of the ECNR passport, who needs one, and how to get one.

Recognising The Distinctions Between The ECNR And ECR Passports

ECR stands for Emigration Check Required, and ECNR stands for Emigration Check Not Required. Under the Emigration Act of 1983, individuals with sure Indian passports may need clearance from the “Protector of Emigrants” to work abroad. This requirement applies to those who haven’t completed 10th-grade education or lack passing certificates. The policy aims to ensure work opportunities for individuals in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Thailand, etc.

The ECR check safeguards Indian citizens abroad, akin to Bajaj Allianz travel insurance covering travel disruptions. Children under 15 automatically receive ECR passports. ECNR holders can travel abroad without emigration clearance. ECR passports are endorsed, but the stamp requirement is abolished for ECNR members, with no reference on their passports.

Which Nations Require An ECNR Check?

Only when travelling for work in any of the following 18 carefully chosen and enumerated nations is the ECNR check necessary: –









The United Arab Emirates




South Sudan

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia





An emigration clearance is required for any ECR passport holder going to any of the nations above on an employment visa. Performing this check for any other kind of is unnecessary.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For ECNR?

The default categories for people who fall under the ECNR category are as follows: –

  • Those who have completed more education than the tenth grade and have the required paperwork to prove it
  • Those with diplomas from educational institutions approved by the State or National Councils for Vocational Training
  • Those who have a nursing diploma as defined by the Indian Nursing Council Act of 1947
  • Government officers with a gazette, along with their partners and kids
  • Holders of official and diplomatic passports
  • People with either a permanent resident or immigration visa for the United States, United Kingdom, or Australia
  • Those who have lived overseas for over three years, those who are fifty or older, income taxpayers (including farming community members), and their corresponding spouses and minor children.

A passport is essential, but unexpected events like passport loss can disrupt plans and increase costs. Travel insurance from India to the UK safeguards against such issues, covering passport expenses, providing medical assistance, handling baggage issues, and ensuring a worry-free trip abroad. With these benefits of travel insurance, one can travel stress-free. *

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