Frozen foods have become common in the current generation. These foods are becoming popular because they are affordable, easy to prepare, can stay for long, and it’s one of the efficient ways to eat healthy foods.

Even though most people eat frozen, a lot is said that portrays them in a bad light. Well, this article is here to dispute all the myths you’ve come across about frozen meals.

1. Frozen Foods Aren’t Healthy

This is one of the myths people believe about frozen foods.

Healthy eating is based not only on eating fresh or canned food but also on eating frozen food. For instance, a fresh bacon cheeseburger is not always fresh as eating fresh salad from the garden. Many studies reveal that frozen veggies and fruits have more nutrients after a specific time than fresh veggies and fruits at their fresh time. An alternative to frozen fruits would be to grow some fruit trees from a tree nursery like https://www.chrisbowers.co.uk/

Besides, frozen fruits or veggies are harvested at peak ripeness before being frozen. It means they are packed with healthy minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Fresh food is like flowers, and they lose nutrients faster as long they sit out after being picked.

2. Frozen Foods Don’t Expire

The expiry date is what many people look at before buying food from a distributor. Many believe that frozen food has long expiry period than fresh food. However, any food product comes with limited shelf time.

The expiry time is not much about safety but much about food quality. Generally, expired food problems arise based on several factors. In many freezing industries, they don’t have modern freezing equipment. Some foods are exposed to freezer burn, power shortage, and hygiene issues that can contaminate the taste.

Before buying from a Montreal frozen food distributor, ensure you check the expiry date, whether frozen or not.

3. Freezing Food Kills Bacteria 

Bacteria such as Salmonella and Campylo bacter are food borne pathogens that affect many people across the globe. They are prone to causing fatal outcomes such as vomiting and diarrhea when consumed.

People always believe that freezing kills bacteria present in foods. The truth is that freezing below 0 degrees F only deactivates the bacteria making them inactive.

Studies reveal that once you thaw frozen food, all the bacteria will be active and can multiply under the right conditions.

4. Frozen Food Contain added Preservatives

Since freezing is a natural method of preserving food, adding preservatives may not apply to frozen food.

Many ready-made food staffs like Stouffer’s Lasagna are generally free from any preservatives. You should not shy away from eating frozen food because they contain no preservatives.

5. Frozen Food Is Expensive Than Fresh

Price should be another factor to consider when buying food from a distributor. It’s expected that frozen food is more expensive than fresh because you are paying extra for preparation work. But that’s not the case in the long run.

Buying frozen food out of season can help you spend as low as you can. They don’t have a lot of competition compared to the fresh food in the season.