In the last 5 years or so I have become somewhat of a fitness enthusiast, and along with that came changing my diet in a drastic way. Initially I wholly relied on smoothies for my sustenance while I was getting started. Once I reached my fitness goal I cut down to 2, and now to 1 a day.

Before I got started, I delved into some heavy research because I was super committed. What I found surprised me. I had no idea that I could create larger batches ahead of time and freeze them. This was going to be so helpful because making smoothies can be really tedious.

As it turned out, a food processor was going to be the main tool I needed to make this happen. I read somewhere that the consistency comes out so much better when using a food processor, so I knew I had to get one. Plus, the batches can be made bigger and honestly I feel like my food processor is so much easier to clean.

I called my mom to see if she had a food processor, and luckily for me, she did. She said I could have hers, since she hasn’t used it very easily anyway. She did mention that I would need some new parts for it, and sent me a list of what was needed and the link to the Kitchen Works USA website, where they sell legit Cuisinart 14 cup food processor parts. 

Everything arrived pretty quickly. I was super excited to get this process started. I learned about different smoothies that have different benefits. I would use beet root and the greens in the morning to get myself going. I’d also be adding a lot of berries to that because I didn’t think I could handle straight beet. I was not wrong about that.

For my other meal replacements I would mix bananas, berries and greens for the most part. I’d also be sure to add in my plant based protein powder to whatever smoothie I’d have after a workout. Then if I was feeling really hungry, I’d have to add a heavier source of protein like nut butters or seeds.

I was really getting a good rhythm going, knowing which smoothie was best for which time of day in terms of my fitness goals and how to sustain my hunger. The Cuisinart food processor really does get all of it to a nice consistency that requires no chewing. That was not the case with my blender.

I would freeze batches in mason jars to stash in my freezer so I’d be set for two whole weeks. I’d make up batches of each of my favorites so I’d have some variety with my choices. I’d take it out the afternoon before just to be on the safe side and I’d have a few days worth of smoothies already.

Now that I don’t use them all for meal replacements, I don’t need to make up such large batches, but I do still make a lot of the same ones so that when I pick something, I know I’m going to have choices. It’s been great for helping me meet my fitness and weight loss goals. I highly recommend Kitchen Works USA and using a Cuisinart food processor to do this.