The spectrum TV network is a part of Charter Communications. Charter communication brought the brand name spectrum into being in the year 2014 after the acquisition of Bright House Network and Time Warner Cable. At the moment, spectrum is one of the largest cable and TV service providers in the US. Spectrum has not restricted itself only to the provision of TV services. It also provides phone as well as Internet services to its users. Thus, for a complete household that needs Internet, TV as well as phone services, spectrum is your network of choice. Spectrum currently has three different TV plans for its users

  • Spectrum TV select
  • Spectrum TV gold
  • Spectrum TV silver

Spectrum TV selects offers over 175 channels to its users. Spectrum TV silver offers over 175 channels to its users. Spectrum TV gold offers 200 channels to its users. Depending on which TV tier you select, you can also avail yourself of extra options like the addition of other channels, opting for regional channels, opting for regional sports networks, etc.

Spectrum understands that to make a name in the industry and hold their position, they need to put a huge emphasis on customer care. Therefore, spectrum has always treated customer care as a crucial part of its business growth. Spectrum understands that the key to building a good relationship with the customer has great customer service. Only thanking the customer and promoting their own products is a positive attitude, but it will not let a company go far ahead in the future. The focus should be on actually helping the customer while creating a friendly environment and forging relationships so that the customer leaves with a great impression. A happy customer is more likely to return and spend money on availing of new services.

To ensure that spectrum provides the best customer service, they always focus on

  • Understanding what the customer thinks to be a good customer service
  • Taking the time to figure out the customer’s expectations
  • Following up on all the negative as well as positive feedback that the company receives.
  • Ensure that customer service is available for all aspects of the business
  • Constantly keep looking for ways to improve the quality of customer service that they are already providing to their customers.

Customer relationships

According to spectrum, to build a good customer relationship, a few factors need to be kept in mind.

  • Understand the customers and approach them in a way that is very natural and informal.
  • Show the customers that you understand their problem and are sympathetic towards their needs, and will help them as soon as possible.
  • Understand and accept that certain people may not want your products and focus instead on building relationships with those people who are interested in what the company has to offer.
  • Focus on helping people. Even if it is just to let the customer know about an upcoming event that they are interested in.
  • Keep the customer in the loop regarding what is available for them so that they continue to do the business with spectrum.

The spectrum customer service can be very easily reached by calling on the spectrum phone number. A toll-free number is available on the spectrum website. Alternatively, you can also choose to get in touch with the customer service representative via email or chatbots.

Spectrum understands that retaining the existing customer is much more important and easier than gaining a new customer. Even if customer retention increases by only a value of 5%, it will lead to a huge influence on the profit of the company. The profit of the company can increase by 25%. This occurs because the customers who are returning are more likely to engage with the brand more, that in turn leads to the company spending less on the operating costs.

Presenting the brand in the right manner to the customer

Customers get influenced by a wide variety of factors available on TV as well as the Internet like the advertisements, social media presence, content, external marketing, etc. Therefore, the spectrum customer service makes sure that they represent the brand in the right manner and make sure that the customer understands what the brand is all about. Spectrum understands that customer service is a huge part of brand loyalty.

If the customer feels happy with the services they receive at spectrum, they are likely to recommend spectrum to their peers, colleagues, and friends. This point is hugely emphasized by the spectrum customer service representatives. They understand that a lot of publicity, as well as brand image formation, happens via word of mouth. Therefore, they always try to keep their customers happy so that the brand image as well as the reputation of the company can grow in a positive manner.