Wait a minute, side hustles for nurses? Don’t they work enough? With the current healthcare jobs market being as skewed towards candidates as it is, with the covid pandemic and all its implications and with the generally stressful and long hours nurses typically work, what nurse on Earth is looking for a side hustle? Well, as it happens, this is not as uncommon as you might think.

One of the reasons nurses work such long hours is that they are constantly picking up extra shifts to make their pay packet stretch a bit further. Let’s face it, most registered nurse jobs do not pay as well as physician positions. This improves as one’s career advances of course and being a registered nurse can certainly be a long and rewarding career. But, quite simply, the reason nurses often look into side hustles is the same as why anybody else does it – they want or need a bit of extra cash.

Nevertheless, for registered nurses, this does not mean picking up a few shifts in a bar or doing some other work that is completely unrelated to nursing. Becoming a registered nurse takes a long time as well as much education and training. At the end of all that, registered nurses have an array of skills that make them very suitable candidates for all manner of positions related to nursing but existing outside the institution where they might work.

Just ask Health Jobs, an online healthcare jobs recruitment service. They say that, once you become a registered nurse, you have skills that make you a very versatile worker. And these can be applied to quite a large number of nurse-specific side hustles. Registered nurses are qualified professionals, and they have a lot to give.

Winding Down

Such is the situation for all registered nurses, but for those coming to the end of the career – or even those who have retired – nurse-related side hustles have a proven a rewarding way of winding down a career ahead of total retirement. Perhaps, after years of service, the stress and physical exertion required for nursing just doesn’t appeal anymore; or perhaps you simply can’t do it anymore. There are many things nurses can do without actually working as a nurse. Here are a few of them.

Health Coaching

Health coaches are for those people who need a bit of regular guidance in order to live a healthy life. This can be quite a lucrative job, and it doesn’t involve the actual provision of healthcare – merely advice. Nurses are particularly suited to roles like this because they understand, from a medical standpoint, what a holistic approach to health looks like. Nurses are ideal for this position, and clients will pay for that expertise.

Part-Time Caregiving

This one probably counts as actual nursing itself. However, it is certainly not the same thing as working as a full-time nurse in a hospital. Such a position can pay well, and it can be very rewarding as nurses can develop a real relationship with those they look after.


You have all that expertise, and you have all that experience, so why not share it with the world. Of course, blogging doesn’t necessarily make you any money at all to start with. For that you are going to need to build up your blog’s popularity. But once you do that, the money can certainly start coming in. However, besides the money, there is also the value of what you can offer after years working as a nurse. This information is valuable.

Whether for money or passion, there are many side-hustles open to nurses – and just as many reasons to go for it.