Heated tobacco products, commonly known as vapes, or e-vapour products, are 2 smoke-free alternatives that, when professionally substantiated and regulated, serve the same important purpose. Adult smokers who may otherwise prefer to continue smoking may find them to be a better alternative than cigarettes.

However, there are several distinctions between any heated tobacco products as mentioned above and e-cigarettes that adult smokers should be aware of.

At sticks.sale, you may find different options for smoking. Now let us try to understand the difference between non-combusted cigarettes, e-cigarettes, andcigarettes.


Tobacco leaves are wrapped with cigarette paper to make a cigarette. A filter, additives, or any other components may be included. To burn the tobacco, the users fire the cigarette tip and inhale the smoke via its unlit end.

A tobacco and heating source make up a non-combusted cigarette. It is possible that the tobacco is wrapped in paper, making it a form of cigarette. To form an aerosol that a user inhales, the tobacco will be heated to a certain lower temperature compared to a combusted cigarette.

Nicotine (usually sourced from the plant of tobacco), propylene glycol, glycerin, flavourings, and other components may be found in an e-liquid. An electric heat source heats the e-liquid, resulting in an aerosol that a user inhales.

How doesa non-combusted cigarette work?

In the United States, two varieties of non-combusted cigarettes are now permitted for sale. A carbon tip encased in glass fibres is one product type that was on the market in the United States since the 1990s. The user ignites the carbon tip that heats the entire dried tobacco inside up to a temperature that will not induce ash or shrinkage of the product.

An electric heating device or sticks produced from dried tobacco will be wrapped in the paper to make up another non-combusted cigarette, which received FDA approval in April 2019. The user inserts the stick into a certain electronic heating device that pierces it with a certain glass-covered ceramic blade, heating the tobacco and producing an aerosol.

Whethera heated tobacco product or e-cigarette uses real tobacco?

A heated tobacco device uses an electronic heat-control mechanism to keep real tobacco at a set temperature range and avoid burning. When a user will draw on an e-cigarette, an e-liquid solution including nicotine and flavouring is vaporised.

Whether a heated tobacco product or e-cigarette contains nicotine?

Most e-cigarettes and also heated tobacco products include nicotine, while some e-cigarette liquids are nicotine-free, which is both addicting and dangerous.

Whether nicotine added to any heated tobacco products/e-cigarettes?

Nicotine is naturally found in the tobacco products used to make heated tobacco products. In e-cigarettes, on the other hand, nicotine produced from tobacco is mixed into the e-liquid.

Whether heated tobacco products ore-cigarettes smoke-free?

Heated tobacco and e-cigarettes do not produce smoke or ash since they do not burn. Instead, they create an aerosol that consumers inhale using heating systems.

Whether non-combusted cigarettes safer compared to combusted cigarettes?

No tobacco product is available that is completely safe. Adult smokers who switch fully from combusted cigarettes may benefit from non-combusted cigarettes, but all kinds of tobacco products may lead to addiction and contain harmful, cancer-causing compounds that can cause major health problems.