Visiting Dubai very often comes down to a trip of 3 to 5 days or a week at most. Many make only a stopover and wonder what to do in Dubai. Coming out of the cliche, we realize that the most famous city of the United Arab Emirates can justify a trip in its own right!

Indeed, there are a lot of places to see or experiences to live. And not necessarily only visits or activities that stick to city cliches of excess. We will see on the blog that when we learn about what to do in Dubai, we quickly realize that the list is long… Visiting Dubai in 5 days is not easy and choices are essential.

In this complete guide to preparing for your stay, we will also cover practical information such as accommodation and how to get around! This guide should therefore answer all the questions you may ask yourself before setting off on a trip. I will also discuss the interest of booking your activities online, to avoid queues, to have the best time slot for Burj Khalifa or even to save on your excursions.

What To Do In Dubai: The Essentials

The city does not have a rich past. It’s a fact. There are certainly a few places to see when visiting Dubai. But a stay here is above all to take advantage of the many things to do: attractions, excursions, … In the city or its surroundings. To better understand what there is to do here, you must first of all know that these are experiences to be lived rather than cultural sites to be discovered (which is often associated with tourism). There are a few mosques, museums or souk, but that’s not what will occupy most of the days spent in the city.

For blog readers who are in the most hurry, I’ll start with a short summary. Obviously, the rest of this practical guide will give you much more advice and tips for visiting Dubai. Here are some of the city’s most popular and popular must-sees, activities or tourist spots. So, to start with this quick summary of the must-sees, here’s what to do in Dubai:

  • climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa (ticket to book online )
  • walk around old Dubai and its souks
  • desert excursion  (I recommend this one in the best desert spot near the city with redder and higher dunes than elsewhere)
  • enjoy the beaches, cafes and restaurants
  • spend (at least) a day in Abu Dhabi for its famous mosque and the Louvre museum
  • spend a few hours in the cool of a water park
  • live the experience of a dinner cruise  on a traditional boat (book here )
  • go shopping for oriental goods like perfumes of famous brands Gulf

This is, in my opinion, the essence of the experiences to be lived. Unmissable experiences or activities. But we will see that there are many more that you may like. Depending on your interests but also on the fact that you plan to go there with family or friends. And to be completely transparent, also depending on the budget of your trip. Because yes, a stay here can be expensive.

I will now detail these things to do. In the rest of the post, I will also tell you how to set your schedule realistically. Indeed, if you plan to visit Dubai in 4 days, you will not be able to do as many things as in a week … And with these essentials, you need at least 5 days in Dubai to be able to enjoy them.

Burj Khalifa, Visit The Tallest Skyscraper In The World …

Burj Khalifa is a must! Impossible to visit the city without going to the top of the Burj Khalifa to admire the 360 ​​degree panorama! Up there, on a clear day, you can even see the desert just outside the city … Even if you plan to discover Dubai in one day during a stopover, this is the place to see! The Khalifa tower is the symbol of the country and it is not for nothing. It is quite simply the tallest building in the world …

2 observation platforms are open to the public:

  • the  At the Top floor (124 / 125th floor, bookable here )
  • the At the Top Sky floor (124 / 125th + 148th floor), VIP access with a higher floor as well as coffee & cakes ( to be booked online here )

More than elsewhere, it is essential to book tickets for Burj Khalifa. The best time slots go fast. The best time is a little before sunset so you can see the city by day, night and watch the sunset from the city’s most famous tower. These slots are a bit more expensive but they are clearly the best times to admire the panoramic view!