Demat accounts are the dematerialized accounts that make the trading experience easier and monitor all holdings effectively. With time, the demat account becomes more updated and advanced with extensive features to ease holding investments and trading.

In this article, you will learn about the demat account, including its features and benefits. If you also want to make your online trading easier, you should understand the demat account completely.

What is a demat account?

With the help of a demat account, the whole process of investing, trading, holding, and monitoring all become cost-effective, convenient, and faster. A demat account holds various securities such as bonds, shares, government securities, mutual funds, etc.

The demat account is the same as another bank account and also works like the bank account. The only difference between the bank account and the demat account is that the demat account store the securities in electronic form instead of cash.

Benefits of demat account

In this section, we will tell you the benefits of demat account that every trader enjoys.

1. Easy to hold

As you all know, maintaining physical certificates is a tough task. But traders need to track their performance. The demat account helps the traders in this case. The demat account makes them more convenient for traders to hold the securities in the digital form.

2. Instant updates

You can easily find the stock prices and demat account details in one place. It is also easy for traders to access their trading stock performance and reviews it from anywhere.

3. Lower costs

Demat accounts eliminate the need to hold the physical certificates, with which the extra expense is associated. So in this way, a demat account helps you to reduce the loss because all the securities, such as shares, stocks, etc., are stored in dematerialized form.

4. Reduction in delivery tasks

Demat accounts hold the securities in an electronic way, which means it eliminates the risk of losing the physical documents. The demat account is a better way to hold the shares in digital form instead of keeping them in physical paper form.

Features of demat account

The following features allow traders to make their stock journey more efficient with the help of a demat account.

1. Easy-share transfers

Traders can easily transfer their securities with the help of the delivery instruction slip. These slips make the selling and buying process of shares easier and more efficient.

2. Hassle-free process

A demat account provides the easy rematerialization and dematerialization of all physical forms to digital forms and vice versa. To do this, the holder has to give the instructions to DP ( depository participant).

3. Loan against the securities

There are many banks that provide loans against the securities that the borrowers have in their demat accounts. You can easily use your securities as collateral while availing of a specific loan from banks.


This article delivers information on the meaning, features, and benefits of the demat account. Hope you understand how the demat account makes the trading process easier for traders and helps them to store their securities in a secure way.