I have 5 dogs, which are all rescues. Over time, 2 of them started developing health issues which caused them to gain weight. No matter what food I bought, no matter what the price and how many amazing reviews it had, it never did the trick.

They were outside a lot of the day and also went on 2 long walks a day. It was great for the other 3, but didn’t make an ounce of difference for the other 2 dogs. I was seriously getting discouraged.

The stress of it really started to get to me, because the extra weight could be life threatening to the pups. All of the vet visits in the world weren’t going to remedy this situation. The time came to take matters into my own hands.

I spent hours doing endless research on the subject. I finally found some people who ran into the same problem. There was one last avenue to try. I was going to try making their dog food at home.

The easiest way to do this was with my Cuisinart food processor. I found recipes that involved grinding my own meat and adding vegetables as fillers. The results were looking promising. The majority of people who had tried this method had positive results in a short amount of time.

It took a bit to get the recipe right in a way that worked for feeding all of my dogs, but eventually I found the right fit that kept them all satiated. Once I got into the groove of things, it got a lot easier.

I was finding that doing things this way was much more cost effective as well. I bought meat and frozen veggies in bulk, which cut down on costs a lot. I was churning out batches like there was no tomorrow.

I realized in the midst of all of the ramping up chaos that I should probably have a backup plan if I ever had anything break. I did some research and found KitchenWorksInc where they sell legitimate Cuisinart-dfp-14 parts. I ordered all new blades just to be on the safe side.

Then one of my friends asked if she could try giving the food to her dogs, and if they liked it she would pay me to make it for her. Total lightbulb moment. If that went well, why not try it out with other people who had dogs too?

It started with friends in the beginning and then moved to a bi-weekly farmer’s market where things sort of blew up. Before I knew it, I had to hire someone to do the farmer’s market bit while I was fulfilling orders on the back end.

Things really took off, and I actually had to forfeit my day job, as this became a more lucrative endeavor. My Cuisinart food processor definitely paved the way for this to all come to fruition.