Are you going to be married in December? Congratulations! No other time of year compares to the joy of being married in December. Choosing the ideal location for the wedding reception, like the wedding venue in Oxfordshire, is one of the most important things to do in preparation for a wedding.

The sheer number of factors that need to be considered might give you a headache just thinking about it.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to hold your wedding in a garden, on the beach, by the pool, or even in the traditional setting of a church; everything will be beautiful simply because you and the person you love will be joining your lives together as husband and wife.

Coming below the following list of suggestions to assist you in finding the ideal location for your wedding reception:


Have a conversation with your companion about the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on the venue. Your financial situation will also play a role in determining the location of your wedding reception.

The amount of money you have set aside for the site of your wedding might determine whether you can pay for an out-of-state wedding, a hotel venue, or a garden setting. It could also decide whether or not you will have catering from a third party, such as wedding catering Oxfordshire, or go with the culinary services offered by the hotel.

However, in modern times it is possible to locate a decent location that does not demand excessive money.

The total number of visitors

Write down on the notebook you’re using as a planner the total number of visitors you anticipate coming from your work, your family, and your social circle. After sending them the invitation, it is best to get in touch with them to confirm that they will attend the wedding.

When searching for the ideal location for your wedding, make sure to take into account the total number of attendees. After all, you want only some of the one hundred visitors shoved against one another.

Parking area

This is a detail that most wedding planners are likely to overlook. You should inquire with the venue’s manager about the parking area’s capacity as well as the number of vehicles that may be parked there. If feasible, park all your vehicles in the parking lot.

If you anticipate having many visitors, you should rent a bus or work with a vehicle service that can transport people to the event’s location. Alternatively, if there is an empty lot in the venue’s neighborhood, you can rent that lot for the day.

Remember that selecting the appropriate location for your wedding is one of the most critical jobs that requires meticulous planning. Your wedding’s theme might be heavily influenced by the location, which can also significantly impact the event’s total cost.


As soon as you have settled on a location for your wedding, for instance, wedding caterersNorthamptonshire, the rest of the exciting aspects will fall into place. Make sure to include your loved ones and close friends in the planning process of your wedding. I do not doubt in my mind that they would be more than pleased to help to make the realization of your ideal wedding a reality.