A job search is daunting and exhausting at the best of times but with the pandemic affecting companies and organizations around the world with a lot of people being laid off, obtaining a full-time job has never been tougher. The longer a person looks for a job opportunity and then does not receive a job, the more susceptible they are to become jaded with the entire process and . It is easy to fall into a rut when someone does not get a job irrespective of whether they are job hunting for the first time, someone looking to get back into the job market, or someone looking to get a better job than the one that they currently have.

Looking for a job opportunity with little to no success can lead to a job seeker feeling low in confidence, bitter, discouraged, and despondent. It is difficult for individuals who are looking for full-time jobs and they can fall into a trap of negativity and have their motivation to job search bottom out. Every rejection letter or a nonresponse from the places they have applied to can feel soul-crushing. It is of utmost importance for those looking for job opportunities to keep their hopes up and to keep trying.

These days there are many different obstacles in the path of those looking for full-time jobs. These obstacles can weigh down job seekers and demolish their spirit making it nearly impossible for them to get a job. Here are some of the obstacles that a person doing a job search can encounter:

Companies are significantly more likely to recruit for job positions available in the company through internal sources. This means that they either encourage the already existing employees to recommend people they know who would be suitable for the job or they will fill the positions available in the company with the employees already present through promotions or giving them a different position. Might as well be prepared and make yourself a comprehensive ats friendly resume templates. This type of resume can help you navigate through online hiring and be on top of other candidates.

There is misleading information put out by companies that is not accurate about the job opportunities available for those looking for them. Sometimes the information provided is not up to date as it could have been filled or the company would have already hired from within.

Most companies these days use applicant tracking systems that track certain keywords present on the job seeker’s resumes. Oftentimes those who job search may be perfectly qualified for the job but are overlooked due to the fact that their resumes don’t contain these keywords.

The competition between job seekers has never been fiercer than it is now with company’s being more selective than ever before. Companies place way too much importance on the quality of the resume instead of giving the job seeker a chance.

Here are some steps to help a person to stay motivated during a job search:

One of the best ways for a person to stay on track in life in general or in simply trying to get a job is to simply create and maintain a schedule. These daily schedules work not just in terms of trying to get a job opportunity but also to reduce stress or anxiety, alleviating grief, and increasing confidence. This daily schedule can help with the job search as it enables the job seeker to follow a consistent routine. This routine will enable the job seeker to work towards small goals that will help them on their way to a job.

The job seeker must set specific goals that can be measured in how close they are to achieving their goal of getting a job. Each goal should be specific in nature with no room for vagueness on the desired result of getting a job. These goals should be achievable in nature and not be too unattainable or impossible for a job seeker in their quest to get a job. These goals should lead up to the job seeker getting a job should have a time period by which it should be achieved.

During a job search, it can be easy for a job seeker to focus on the things and factors that are out of their control but this will only lead to further misery and problems. However, the job seeker has to ignore the things that they have little to no control over such as the job market, location, industry standards, and the economy. Rather they must focus on things that can help them get a job such as listing your opportunities and volunteering opportunities.

Staying up to date on their preferred job and the changes that are present with the job is a great way for job seekers to remain motivated for their job search. Staying up to date with the latest developments allows them to be more prepared when the job opportunity comes true and they have new perspectives to share at the job interview.

Job seekers can spend their time surrounding themselves with avenues to gain new information that will help them in their job search. By learning new information and updating their knowledge and skills the job seeker gets to focus on the future when they are likely to get the job opportunity.

Expressing gratitude and focussing on mental health while a person is looking for a job is great as it benefits them in so many ways. A frustrating job search can severely affect a person’s general well-being and affect them mentally. Having a gratitude journal where the individual takes notes of things they are grateful for has shown to significantly improve their mood and mental fortitude.

Those looking for a job opportunity should surround themselves with people who provide them with support such as their friends, family, mentors, and other loved ones who will help the job seeker through this difficult period.


While it is hard to not let a fruitless job search affect a person, the job seeker should focus on the positives of their position and try not to let unanswered emails, rejections, roadblocks, and other bumps in the road discourage them from pursuing a job.