Having a solar power system in your home in Sydney means that you’re producing energy for your own use in the safest and most economical way possible. There are numerous benefits of solar panels. That’s why, always make sure that your system is at its peak operating condition.

However, there might come a time when you’d sense something wrong with any part of the solar assembly, particularly the inverter. But before we go further into the discussion, let’s also make sure if we have the same level of understanding.

What is a Solar Inverter?

Being one of the major devices in the solar power system, the inverter is responsible for converting direct current (DC) electricity generated by your solar panel into alternating current (AC) electricity which is then used by the electrical grid. The inverter regulates the flow of electrical power.

That’s how important such a tool is and so, quick action is needed if you see the first signs of a fault. For instance, you notice a sudden, sharp increase in your bills, so your solar panels might not be functioning well. In that case, seek the help of your licensed installer.

The Cost of Repair

But then a lot of users ask if it’s possible to repair a solar inverter to which many experts say no, repair isn’t possible. Usually, they advise owners to send their inverter back to the manufacturer either for replacement or restoration.

Nevertheless, repair is only possible if a.) certain parts need to be replaced like the internal plug, switch or any consumable part, and b.) the inverter does not require removal.

All of these would only cost as low as $80 – more if the repair involves reconditioning and repairing the inverter’s internal electronics which costs around $195 to $495. Plus, depending on the situation, extra charges may apply if the equipment needs to be removed and installed back. In any case, contact your nearest installer for accurate information.

Your Inverter is Working If

  • The green operation light is showing; this is obvious in daylight.
  • The solar supply main switch shows ‘on’ position inside the metre box next to the inverter.
  • Your recent bills show the average amount of energy you have exported; not increasing.

If for any reason you notice something unusual in the above, then your inverter might be at fault.

If Your Inverter is the Issue

Only a qualified electrician can determine any issue by doing a full system check. If there is, it might probably be an ‘isolation fault’ or ‘no grid’ which is actually linked to other issues that can make your inverter work poorly or not at all.

To know what other underlying issues your system is confronted with, call your local solar electrician for professional help. Click this link for inquiries about solar inverter repairs in Sydney.