Under new funding grants in Florida, Brightline will be testing out a new route between West Palm Beach and Cocoa. This is a direct response to the growing need for public transport in Central Florida and will be a boon to commuters. The test trains will run one round trip daily and are expected to continue throughout 2022. This is an exciting development for both Brightline and the state of Florida!

The new line will allow locomotive engineers and train conductors to learn the tracks and territory along a 130-mile stretch of the corridor. The trains will not carry passengers, but the lines should soon be operational. The lines will operate at freight speeds to start but will be upgraded to 110 mph passenger service once testing is complete.

The expansion by Brightline from Orlando is now over 70% completed. This will be a massive improvement for the city’s transportation infrastructure and will allow many more people to take advantage of public transport. The new route is expected to bring in an additional 1.5 million annual riders, a much-needed increase in capacity for Brightline.

This is great news for Florida residents and visitors alike. These new lines will make it easier to head to the beach and enjoy more of what Florida offers for its beaches and transportation. The upgraded lines also improve commuters’ abilities to connect to different parts of the state.

This is a significant development for Brightline, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this growing company.

These new line inclusions are bound to improve the job prospects for the area and offer more significant support for the future of the state’s economy. Including these new lines and a need for new trains will likely lead to more jobs in the transit industry and related fields. We can’t wait to see what else Brightline has in store for the future!

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