Cooling at home & workplace while conserving earth’s energy is becoming the top priority of most users. For decades, people have relied on the age-old traditional cooling solutions. However, recent studies have expressed major concerns over these traditional cooling solutions, as they largely contribute to the yearly Greenhouse gas emissions.

Manufacturers are taking great steps to innovate modern cooling solutions that surpass traditional cooling ones in functionality and efficiency. In addition, modern innovations such as using Difluoromethane, or R-32, as a refrigerant proves to be environment-friendly with a low global warming potential (GWP). Therefore, when selecting your new cooling solution, it is wise to ensure that your next purchase is an eco-friendly one that contributes to a better tomorrow while offering supreme comfort.It’s important if you want to lower your electric bill  to invest in energy-efficient appliances for an air conditioner, which use the most power in a typical home; also with Pulse Power rates, you can meet your needs and those of your home from a variety of options without worrying about your energy usage.

Features to Consider When Purchasing your Next AC:

At your next purchase, keep the following pointers in mind to choose the Air Conditioner that suits your needs the best while contributing to a greener future:

Inverter compressor– Cooling solutions with an inverter compressor offer greater efficiency. Inverter compressors regulate the functioning of the machine while minimising fluctuations.

Exact temperature control – Choose a cooling solution that can provide uninterrupted cooling even on the hottest summer days. Temperature control on the cooling machine allows you to set the exact temperature you want to operate it at.

Glacier Mode – The glacier mode built in the modern cooling solutions provides up to 35% higher fan speed to deliver instant cooling in much less time. The glacier mode is a great feature that comes in handy for rapid cooling. Moreover, it is convenient for crowded rooms where a traditional cooling solution fails to deliver constant performance.

R32 Refrigerant – R32 Refrigerants are an alternative to old refrigerants used in traditional cooling setups. It is proven that R32 Refrigerants have a lower environmental impact.

Copper condenser – Copper condensers are much durable and efficient. Moreover, the rate of corrosion is low and manageable.

Stabiliser free operation (145V – 285V)–  Modern cooling setups do not require an external stabiliser. Therefore, they are hassle-free and space-efficient.

PM 2.5 filter – Invisible fine particles are omnipresent and unavoidable. Particles around 2.5 microns contribute to most of the commonly overlooked problems that cause constant discomfort. Allergies and other major respiratory diseases arise due to the presence of these particles. Cooling solutions with an inbuilt PM 2.5 filter can greatly help reduce the amount of fine particles present indoors.

Low noise – It is a proven fact that a quieter environment can promote better sleep and productivity. Modern air conditioning solutions operate at low noise ensuring higher comfort.

Self-diagnosis – Monthly maintenance not only burdens your budget but also adds to the hassle of adjusting your schedule for the arrival of the maintenance staff. A self-diagnosis feature allows you to monitor the condition of your machine at home. As a result, you can pinpoint the exact issue, which leads to a quicker resolution.

Adjustments – The modern air conditioning solution has a sleep function wherein the temperature adjusts itself to ensure that those in the room sleep comfortably and wake up well-rested.

Dual cooling – Live high on comfort and low on electricity bills. The modern air conditioning solutions have two independent Rotors in the compressor that ensure faster and energy-efficient cooling.

Energy-efficiency – ISEER ratings, commonly referred to as ‘star rating’ is a factor that should not be overlooked when purchasing an AC. The star rating indicates the heat-removal efficiency of a machine. The greater the heat-removal efficiency, the longer the machine’s service life.

Auto-restart – Power outages are a major concern. There is a lot of hassle in resetting the desired temperature each time the power comes. You find yourself doing the same thing over and over. The modern air conditioning solutions ensure that every time the power comes back, the smart technology will automatically restart with your preferred settings, so you can sit and enjoy peacefully.

Cooling efficiency – When choosing an air conditioning setup, do not forget to consider the cooling efficiency of the machine. Choosing the wrong setup may end up not delivering the desired cooling speed. For example, a Sanyo 1 ton 5 star AC is suitable to comfortably cool 150-160 sqft rooms. All the best for your next purchase!.